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Tuesday 18 Hole Women’s Results

Posted on 5 September 2023

LGU Medal & Putting

Division I 0-25

Sandy Crofts nett 72, Laurel Brent 73, Judy McGraw 74

Moore Golf Putting Siggi Keis 30 putts

Studio 16 Nearest the Pin #3 Sandy Crofts

Division II 26+

Robyn Fraser nett 68, Hilliary Cummings 69, Sylvia Giles 70, Alexa Wallace 70

Anderson Plumbing Putting Hilliary Cummings 32 putts

Carrick Motel Nearest the Pin #17 Alexa Wallace

Two Sandy Crofts

Net Eagles (drawn) Laa Seaton

Radiance voucher for best nett over Saturday and Tuesday Robyn Fraser

Katwalk voucher for 3 best netts in June Robyn Fraser

Shootout Qualifier Jackie Hamilton