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Cromwell Golf Club History

Cromwell Golf Club has come a long way since its early days when a player was permitted to move his ball “to the nearest flat land – to the satisfaction of his opponent” – not surprising when one of the hazards was an old mine shaft. At the first club meeting in 1903, which was called by bank clerk Henry King, subs were set at 5 shillings and within 12 months membership was 12 men and 8 women. The first club captain appointed was Mr J R Webb and the first club championship was played in 1921, with the club providing a trophy valued at one pound and one shilling.

A variety of “courses” were tried and rejected before the “new” course, most of which we now play on was opened on Saturday May 25, 1946. To get this up and running members were levied 10 pounds per player or they could work on the course. The second nine was opened in January 1974 and while the Clyde Dam was under construction membership swelled so much it was not unusual to have very seat in the 19th occupied on Saturdays.

While membership is fewer now, some notable events have been held here, such as 1998 the Tower NZ Seniors Championship in 1998 and the inaugural South Island Masters interprovincial the following year. The installation of irrigation, the formation of links with the Cromwell College golfing academy, and the 2010/2011 major redevelopment are just a few more of the many highlights in the club’s first 110 years.