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Saturday Results

Posted on 2 April 2022

Division One – Blue Tees

1st     M Sutton                                          68

2nd    P Seaton                                           69

3rd    I Alldred                                            70

4th    P Clayton                                          71

5th    P Ryan                                               72

6th    K Hurley                                            72

7th    C Lunn                                               73

8th    S Pimm                                              74

9th    B Haugh                                            74

10th  M Atkins                                           74

11th  L Topping                                         74

12th  K Maynard                                       75

13th  A Robertson                                    75

14th  P Kahukura                                      75

15th  M Flannery                                       75


Division Two – White/Yellow Tees

1st     K Adams                                           64

2nd    B Hore                                              70

3rd    J Swire                                               71

4th    R Fieldes                                           72

5th    L Smith                                             72

6th    M Whitworth                                   73

7th    J Clough                                            74

8th    N Edwards                                       74

9th    R Price                                              75

10th  J Holding                                          75

11th  C Cummings                                    75

12th  N Jubb                                              76


Moore Golf Monthly Winner:             M Sutton 68

Division One Gross:                               P Seaton 76

Division Two Gross:                               B Hore 86

Putting:                                                     C Mann

Champions Mug:                                    M Sutton, K Adams

Nearest the Pins:                                   P Seaton; G Price; J Clough

Nett Eagle Hole No:                               No. 9 – C Cummings, J McIlhatton; P Clayton

Twos:                                                         N Edwards

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