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Saturday Results

Posted on 19 March 2022

Division One

1st     H Paddon                                         65

2nd    C Mann                                             68

3rd    C Cummings                                     70

4th    B Scott                                              72

5th    P Peter                                              72

6th    S Taylor                                            72

7th    J Clark                                               73

8th    G Joynes                                           73

9th    B Scoles                                            74

10th  I Harvey                                            74


Division Two

1st     M Sutton                                          66

2nd    A Campbell                                      67

3rd    B McArthur                                      70

4th    N Edwards                                        70

5th    J Lawton                                           71

6th    D Harvey                                           71

7th    N Jubb                                               72

8th    E Whiting                                          72

9th    S Crofts                                             73

10th  A Whiting                                         73



Winner Henry’s Shoot Out:                 H Paddon 65

Division One Gross:                               A McLeay 74

Division Two Gross:                               M Sutton 82

Twos:                                                         S Taylor, G Rolston, S Ramsay, K Wilson, J Swale


Next Week:

Saturday 26th March:                             Stableford Black/Blue or White/Yellow Tees

Starters:                                                     G Hook and D Cameron

Cards:                                                         D Usherwood and D Harradine

Bar:                                                             S Prentice and L Doyle

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