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Saturday Results

Posted on 12 March 2022

Division One

1st     C Mann                                             42

2nd    B Scoles                                            41

3rd    S Taylor                                             39

4th    J Rawcliffe                                         38

5th    H Paddon                                         38

6th    M Pearson                                        38

7th    M Yurak                                            37

8th    K Hurley                                            37

9th    T Jones                                              37

10th  E Soper                                             37

11th  C Buchanan                                     36

12th  M Kennedy                                       36

13th  C Dickey                                            36

14th  D Harradine                                     36

Division Two

1st     J Stansfield                                       39

2nd    C Foster                                            39

3rd    K Adams                                           39

4th    L Scott                                               37

5th    J Harradine                                       37

6th    B Brent                                              37

7th    D Wallace                                         36

8th    B Hore                                               36

9th    N Jubb                                               36

10th  D Maloney                                       36

11th  L Smith                                              36

12th  G Pankhurst                                     35

13th  A Whiting                                         35

14th  J Taylor                                             35

Winner Neil Middlemass Trophy:     C Mann 42

Division One Gross:                               S Madden

Division Two Gross:                               L Scott

Nett Eagle Hole No:                               No. 18 – E Dickie and B Scoles

Birdie Hole No:                                       No. 6 – S Madden, J Hamilton, T Jones, K Mills

Twos:                                                         K Wilson, C Dickey, D Cameron, I Rive, A Robertson, J Hamilton, E Soper, D Harradine, R Buchanan, J Stansfield, R Pearson

Next Week:

Saturday 19th March:                             Medal; 2nd Round Summer Plate and 3rd Qual Round Henry’s Shoot Out

Starters:                                                     T Clark and B Brent

Cards:                                                         C Mann and R Bryant

Bar:                                                             N Edwards and C Cole