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Saturday Results

Posted on 5 March 2022

Blue Tees

1st     G Pankhurst                                    66

2nd    N Soper                                            67

3rd    D Agnew                                           67

4th    B Geary                                             68

5th    P Ryan                                               70

6th    A Pyper                                             70

7th    K Hurley                                            71

8th    J Kennedy                                         71

9th    B Deaker                                          71

10th  I Harvey                                            72

11th  E Soper                                             72

12th  K Mills                                               72

13th  J Pagey                                              72

14th  B Scott                                              73

White/Yellow Tees

1st     A Anderson                                     64

2nd    J Shaw                                              67

3rd    J Weily                                              68

4th    C Foster                                           69

5th    J Swire                                              69

6th    B Brent                                             69

7th    B Morton                                         70

8th    B Pryde                                            71

9th    R Pearson                                        71

10th  C Mann                                            71

11th  M Kennedy                                      72

12th  S Madden                                        72

13th  N Jubb                                              72

14th  S Allison                                           72

15th  V Keenan                                         72

Hole in One:                                             #3 – Troy Scott

Moore Golf Winner:                              G Pankhurst 66

Blue Tee Gross:                                       B Geary 70

White Tee Gross:                                    K Foster 87

Putting:                                                     S Madden

Campions Mug:                                      Blue: G Pankhurst 66

                                                                    White: A Anderson 64

Nearest the Pins:                                   Blue:  A Pyper

                                                                    White: J Shaw

Nett Eagle Hole No:                               No. 5 – G Pankhurst

Birdie Hole No:                                       No. 3 – B Geary, M Flannery, A McLeay, P Seaton, E Dickie, E Soper, C Mann, M Kennedy

Twos:                                                         M Kennedy, C Mann, I Rive, B Pryde, M Flannery, B Geary, A McLeay, P Seaton, E Dickie, 

                                                                    E Soper, G Pankhurst, A Pyper

Next Week:

Saturday 12th March:                             Stableford Neil Middlemass Trophy (Open to Men & Women); 2nd Round of Club Champs to be completed

Starters:                                                     K Renwick and D Harradine

Cards:                                                         J McIlhatton and E Soper

Bar:                                                             C Mann and G Hook

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