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Saturday Results

Posted on 19 June 2021


6th Round Henry’s Shootout Qualifier and 2nd Round Hay Paterson Cup (best 3 out of 4 rounds)

Shootout Qualifier Brendon Scott

Division I Handicaps 0–14

Tony Wood nett 70, Brendon Scott 70 on countback, Grant Rolston 72, Robin Pimm 73, Kevin Clark 73, Caleb Cornish-Madden 74, Geoff Knox 74, Ewan Soper 74, Tony Clark 75, David Cameron 75, Doug Harradine 75, Chris Cummings 76

Best Gross Kevin Clark

Division II Handicaps 15 – 54

Stephen Barrow nett 66, Bob McArthur 69, Douglas Roxburgh 73, James Kennedy 73, Bob Brent 73, Kevin Renwick 74, Bob Scott 74, Laurel Brent 74, Len Holland 74, Richard Bryant 74, John McIlhatton 75

Best Gross Bob McArthur

Nett Eagle Hole #3 John McIlhatton

Birdie Hole #17 Andy Robertson, Shaun Madden

Twos Nick Lambert, Kylie Mills, Tony Wood, Andy Robertson, Shaun Madden, John McIlhatton, Kevin Renwick

Country Rover sponsored by Henry’s Simon Prentice


Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th June course closed for Blokes Tournament