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Saturday Results

Posted on 5 June 2021

Moore Golf Monthly Medal & Putting

Blue Tees

Gross Phil Seaton 78

Nett scores Phil Seaton 73, Garry Pankhurst 73, Grant Rolston 74, Stu Nome 76, Gerry Conlan 77, Andy Robertson 77

Champions Mug Phil Seaton

Nearest the Pin Evan Dickie

White/Yellow Tees

Gross Chris Ward 89

Nett scores Chris Ward 68, Paul McIlwrick 72, Murray Whitworth 72, John Hardy 74, Neil Jubb 75

Champions Mug Chris Ward

Nearest the Pin John McIlhatton

Putting Shaun Madden 26

Henry’s Country Rover Dougal Wylie

Nett Eagle Hole #4 Phil Seaton, Phil Broughton, Andy Robertson, Murray Whitworth

Birdie Hole #13 Stu Nome

Twos Chris Mann, P Silvester, Bernie Scoles, Shaun Madden, Mark Pearson


Saturday 12th June – Silver Course Medal, 3rd Old Smuggler to be completed

Starters T Clark and K Renwick Cards C Mann and R Bryant Bar D MacGillivray and N Edwards