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18 Hole Women’s Prizegiving

Posted on 7 November 2023

Closing Day Prize-giving

Women’s 18 hole division


Silver Championship Suz Allison; runner-up, Jane Swire

Bronze I Championship Julie Weily; runner-up, Judy McGraw

Bronze II Championship Robyn Pearson; runner-up, Trish Linton

Silver Putting Laurel Brent

Bronze I Putting Jacqui Rose-Anderson

Bronze II Puttin, Julie Mulholland

LGU Button – Silver Laurel Brent

LGU Button – Bronze I Jacqui Rose-Anderson

LGU Button – Bronze II Robyn Fraser

Ethna Kennedy Memorial Robyn Fraser

Goodall Memorial Laa Seaton & Danielle Davis

Jubilee Cup Jacqui Rose-Anderson

Bryan Cup Janet McArthur

Blackwood Cup (handicap reduction) Danielle Davis

Silver Ringers Laurel Brent

Bronze I Ringers Jacqui Rose-Anderson

Bronze II Ringers Robyn Fraser & Laa Seaton

Thursday Ringers Jackie Hamilton

Audrey Wright Memorial Jackie Hamilton & Laurel Brent

Ad Hosking Trophy Siggi Keis

Frank Clark Trophy Kay Scurr

Jill Collis Trophy Siggi Keis & Laa Seaton

O’Kane Trophy Vibe Fieldes & Jacqui Rose-Anderson

Nancy McCormick Foursomes Danielle Davis & Sandy Crofts

Colling Trophy Siggi Keis & Jacqui Rose-Anderson

Publicans Trophy Kay Scurr & Pat Doyle

Top Kat Sandy Crofts

Rae Henderson ‘New Beginnings’ trophy Hilliary Cummings

Nola Naylor ‘Fellowship’ trophy Janet McArthur

Liquorland Shootout Elaine Whiting

Gobblers Siggi Keis

Congratulations to our winners, and good golfing to all over the summer.